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Probably important to mention: I play on mobile.
I do play Java servers, but I can only join those with Geyser installed. It's not too long of a setup, incase you do want my help with something. Most server hosts have it preinstalled too.
Despite this, I still co-own a server with 30 players average, and type 160-170 wpm.
Figured I'd give an update:
- I'm not terribly active, but I do respond to messages (I get notifications in my email, which pops up on my homescreen)
- If you have something you need coded, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do.
- I've been doing Skript for about 4 and a half years.

Addons I use:
- SkBee
- skript-reflect
- skript-yaml
- SkUtilities (rarely)
- Hippo (rarely)
- BitShift (rarely)
I have released my github page,
this includes:
New ETP Plugin

Here is the link!
--> <--

Beta released skript v1.0
Pearl teleport [ETP] (Enderman Teleport)
I have a question; how do I lock a thread (as in preventing people from chatting in it)?
Only Staff Members can lock threads. You'd need to report the thread requesting it to be locked. I'm pretty active on the forums so usually can act on it quite quickly anyway.
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command claimplayer <player>:
        claim arg-1 for player
        send "&eYou claimed %arg-1%" to player