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hello i have downloaded your skyblock skript and was wondering how i would add support for the plugin mmoitems
Java developer & Skript enjoyer (I will always LOVE making skripts.)
Java as well? Nice.

Are you working on an addon?
Nope but I can if needed
Hey i love your resources and i am very impressed, good luck!
Thank you! I'm going to release even more resources :emoji_slight_smile: Feel free to use the code, do whatever you want with them.
working on a clicking skript (working on multiplyers)
edit: its finished :emoji_slight_smile:
Yo, what is litty dawg. I connected my 2 spigot servers with Skungee 2.0.0 Beta5 to my proxy with the same version of skungee, and default configs, one server boots up fine and connects to the proxy port, but the second one says " Address already in use: bind" even tho its the same port as stated in the proxy config.