Zombie Pathfinding

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Jan 25, 2017
I've been trying to wrap my head around this for hours with no luck,

I can get a zombie to pathfind to a location but i can't seem to get him to stop pathfinding even if i remove his AI and attack him he'll always pathfind to this 1 location.

Maybe someone who is smarter can try tackle it but basically the zombie needs to be able to pathfind from 1 location to another and must do the following

- Attack another zombie if in a 3 block radius of it
- Attack a player if the player attacks the zombie

If the zombie is attacked by a player then it'll follow the player until it's out of range lets say the distance between the player and the zombie is less than 5 then return the zombie to pathfind to that location

I've tried to do this but can't get the zombie to stop pathfind to the location.

I was using SkQuerys

make %[URL='http://skunity.com/types#LivingEntity']living entities[/URL]% pathfind to %[URL='http://skunity.com/types#Location']location[/URL]% with speed %[URL='http://skunity.com/types#Number']number[/URL]%

Would be great if someone could try tackle this problem, not to sure if it's just because i'm stupid or my skquery is bugged or what not -_- haha.