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Feb 19, 2017
there is any addon which has 'on player balance change' or something like this?
One thought off hand.
Save players balance inside On Join to a variable.
Then use the On Every to compare current balance to the stored one to see if there is a change
Im not sure. if the Vault has events if player got changed money. im not expert at java. maybe you can look around at source code with vault. then hook with skelett (You can create own events with Skelett)


i have look around in open soruce, maybe it this the events?


#more edit:

Try it out: go to pfad:

Open it with notepad
add this
    Event: "net.milkbowl.vault.economy.EconomyResponse"
    Syntax: "[on] player balance chaning"
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Vault has never had and never will have events. A workaround would be to handle the economy in Skript itself. If you really need Vault for supporting other plugins, you can suggest an addon for registering Skript as an economy provider or an addon that integrates directly with a specific economy provider.
Actually, if you're using Essentials for economy, WolvSK has the following event for your needs:
[on] [user] (balance|money) (update|change)
If you aren't using Essentials but other economy system, and that economy plugin has an event for it you could use either Skript-Mirror (I recommend this one, kind of personal preference though) or Skellett to register it or ask an addon developer like Sharpaws to hook it into their addons.