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Jan 28, 2017
I need someone for update this script: https://pastebin.com/q4jJTVbR

Its a old script from Skript Forums on bukkit. I don't know anymore the author of this, but i really need this working. Its like the Mineplex style of write words in blocks.
I started working on it (I just made a new script that writes letters in blocks) but is it fine if it's just the block part and not the particle part?
[doublepost=1521988387,1521400693][/doublepost]Okay apparently the started of this thread lost interest, but if anyone else is interested: here is what I got so far (only works for 1 direction, and just the alphabet and a space, no other characters)
    block: quartz_block
    slab-down: nether_quartz_slab
    slab-up: slab:15
    stairs: nether_quartz_stairs
    distance: 3
function setLetter(l: text, n: number, t: text):
    length of {_l} is 1
    set {letter::%{_l}%::%{_n}%} to "%{_t}%"
on load:
    setLetter(" ", 1, ".|.|.")
    setLetter("A", 1, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("A", 2, "b|ds|b")
    setLetter("A", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("B", 1, "b|ds|s7")
    setLetter("B", 2, "b|us|s3")
    setLetter("B", 3, "b|us|s3")
    setLetter("C", 1, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("C", 2, "b|.|.")
    setLetter("C", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("D", 1, "b|ds|s7")
    setLetter("D", 2, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("D", 3, "b|us|s3")
    setLetter("E", 3, "b|us|us")
    setLetter("E", 2, "b|us|.")
    setLetter("E", 1, "b|ds|ds")
    setLetter("F", 3, "b|us|us")
    setLetter("F", 2, "b|us|.")
    setLetter("F", 1, "b|.|.")
    setLetter("G", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("G", 2, "b|.|ds")
    setLetter("G", 1, "s5|ds|b")
    setLetter("H", 3, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("H", 2, "b|us|b")
    setLetter("H", 1, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("I", 3, "us|b|us")
    setLetter("I", 2, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("I", 1, "ds|b|ds")
    setLetter("J", 3, ".|.|b")
    setLetter("J", 2, ".|.|b")
    setLetter("J", 1, "us|ds|s7")
    setLetter("K", 3, "b|.|s1")
    setLetter("K", 2, "b|b|.")
    setLetter("K", 1, "b|.|s3")
    setLetter("L", 3, "b|.|.")
    setLetter("L", 2, "b|.|.")
    setLetter("L", 1, "b|ds|ds")
    setLetter("M", 3, "s3|.|s1")
    setLetter("M", 2, "b|b|b")
    setLetter("M", 1, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("N", 3, "s3|.|b")
    setLetter("N", 2, "b|s3|b")
    setLetter("N", 1, "b|.|s5")
    setLetter("O", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("O", 2, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("O", 1, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("P", 3, "b|us|s3")
    setLetter("P", 2, "b|ds|s7")
    setLetter("P", 1, "b|.|.")
    setLetter("Q", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("Q", 2, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("Q", 1, "s5|s1|b")
    setLetter("R", 3, "b|us|s3")
    setLetter("R", 2, "b|ds|s7")
    setLetter("R", 1, "b|.|s3")
    setLetter("S", 3, "ds|us|us")
    setLetter("S", 2, ".|us|s3")
    setLetter("S", 1, "ds|ds|s7")
    setLetter("T", 3, "us|b|us")
    setLetter("T", 2, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("T", 1, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("U", 3, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("U", 2, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("U", 1, "s5|b|s7")
    setLetter("V", 3, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("V", 2, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("V", 1, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("O", 3, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("O", 2, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("O", 1, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("W", 3, "b|.|b")
    setLetter("W", 2, "b|b|b")
    setLetter("W", 1, "s5|.|s7")
    setLetter("X", 3, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("X", 2, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("X", 1, "s1|us|s3")
    setLetter("Y", 3, "s5|ds|s7")
    setLetter("Y", 2, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("Y", 1, ".|b|.")
    setLetter("Z", 3, "us|us|b")
    setLetter("Z", 2, ".|s1|us")
    setLetter("Z", 1, "s1|ds|ds")
on unload:
    delete {letter::*}

command /write <text>:
        set {_spl::*} to split arg-1 at ""
        set {_loc} to location of block {@distance} forwards player's location
        set {_amount} to amount of {_spl::*}
        delete {_spl::%{_amount}%}
        loop {_spl::*}:
            set {_t::*} to {letter::%loop-value%::*}
            set {_temploc} to {_loc}
            loop {_t::*}:
                set {_i} to loop-index-2
                add {_i} + 1 to y coord of {_temploc}
                set {_b::*} to split loop-value-2 at "|"
                loop {_b::*}:
                    set {_b} to {_b::%loop-index-3%}
                    if {_b} is "b":
                        set {_b} to {@block}
                    if {_b} is "ds":
                        set {_b} to {@slab-down}
                    if {_b} is "us":
                        set {_b} to {@slab-up}
                    if {_b} is ".":
                        set {_b} to air
                    if {_b} is "s1":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:1
                    if {_b} is "s2":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:3
                    if {_b} is "s3":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:0
                    if {_b} is "s4":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:2
                    if {_b} is "s5":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:5
                    if {_b} is "s6":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:7
                    if {_b} is "s7":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:4
                    if {_b} is "s8":
                        set {_b} to {@stairs}:6
                    set {_b::%loop-index-3%} to {_b}
                set block at {_temploc} to {_b::1}
                set block right of {_temploc} to {_b::2}
                set block 2 right of {_temploc} to {_b::3}
            if loop-value is " ":
                set {_loc} to location of block 2 right {_loc}
                set {_loc} to location of block 4 right {_loc}
if you want to continue this thing, you're free to do so