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Active Member
Apr 6, 2018
Suggested name: TreesFall

What I want:
When player breaks a log block, and above it is more wood, wood above falls (even brushwoods)
Ideas for commands:
No cmds.
Ideas for permissions:
No perm.
When I'd like it by: In few days
Like this?
on break:
    event-block is log
    loop blocks above event-block:
        location of loop-block is not location of event-block
        if loop-block is log:
            if gamemode of player is survival:
                drop loop-block at loop-block
            set block at loop-block to air
            wait 1 tick
            exit loop
Ah man TPGames beat me to it.... Anyways mines a bit different, mine won't drop the blocks, the logs themselves will FALL.
2 add-ons required, SkQuery (For the falling blocks) and Skript-Mirror(to make the falling blocks hurt the player if it lands on them)
SkQuery is a must, but if you dont want to use Skript-Mirror you can remove lines 4-7 and line 18
#This requires Skript-Mirror.... for some reason the falling blocks DO NOT hurt players, so this makes sure to hurt them.
#If you dont want to use Skript-mirror remove lines 4-7 and 18

effect make %entities% hurt entities:
    loop expressions 1:

#Functions for Gravify and Chain reactions
function gravify(b: block):
    wait 1 tick
    set {_b2} to block 10 above {_b}
    loop blocks between {_b} and {_b2}:
        if loop-block is any log block:
            set {_block} to loop-block
            spawn falling block of {_block} at location 0.5 below loop-block
            set loop-block to air
            make the last spawned entity hurt entities
            wait 2 ticks
function chain(b: block, n: number):
    wait 1 tick
    if {_n} is less than 20:
        add 1 to {_n}
        loop blocks in radius 2 around {_b}:
            if loop-block is any log block:
                if block below loop-block is air or any leaves:
                    set block below loop-block to air
                    wait 1 tick
#when a player breaks any log block block, it'll check for logs around it, and make them GRAVIFY
on break:
    if gamemode of player is survival:
        if event-block is any log block:
            chain(event-block, 0)
[doublepost=1533463224,1533463145][/doublepost]Warning, its not exactly perfect... sometimes the branches in big trees won't fall, but it kind of gives it a little more realism.
I wrote this before for myself, but I had to update it to work properly with big trees.
Oh for some reasons I didn't read the falling part. Or I thought you meant destroy or something. Well maybe you can add my dropping block part if you want it? (idk i'm just trying to actually do something for this script :emoji_grinning:)