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TPA System

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Cupex, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Cupex

    Cupex Member

    Feb 16, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Category: TPA System

    Suggested name: TPA.sk

    Spigot/Skript Version: 1.8 / 2.2-dev25

    What I want:
    I would like to have a TPA system that works like this:
    The command /tpa (player) sends the other player a tpa request. This player then has 30 seconds to accept them. If this is not the case, the request becomes invalid and the player can no longer accept it and you have to send a new request. If the player who sent the request leaves the server, the request is automatically deleted and the player who received the request receives a message that the player has left the server and the request has become invalid.
    During the time the player is teleported if the request has been accepted, the player may not move (for 3 seconds). If he moves, the teleportation is canceled and you have to send a new request. The command /tpdeny rejects the request. The command /tpatoggle is used to deactivate or activate the function. If you deactivate it, nobody can send a request anymore.

    Ideas for commands: /tpa (player), /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /tpatoggle, /tpahere

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: If possible before October 20th
  2. Mapz

    Mapz Member

    Oct 15, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Sorry friend but I could not continue with the script due to time issues, if someone who sees this wants to help you feel free to take the code and fix/edit it

    Code (Text):
    1. command /tpa [<player>]:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         if arg-1 is set:
    4.             send "&a[!] Tp send correctly"
    5.             send "&a[!] You have a tpa request from: &2%sender%" to arg-1
    6.             send "&8- &7Use &f/tpaccept &7to accept the tp!"
    7.             send "&8- &7Use &f/tpdeny &7tp deny the tp!"
    8.             set {tpa.pending.%arg-1%} to arg-1
    9.             set {tpa.sender.%sender%} to player
    10.         if arg-1 is not set:
    11.             send "&c[!] You must put some nick! &e/tpa (player)"
    12.             stop
    14. command /tpaccept:
    15.     trigger:
    16.         if {tpa.pending.%player%} is set:
    17.             send "&a[!] Tp accepted"
    18.             wait 5 ticks
    19.             teleport {tpa.sending.%player%} to sender
    20.             wait 1 tick
    21.             delete {tpa.sending.%player%}
    22.             delete {tpa.sender.%sender%}
    23.             stop
    24.         if {tpa.pending.%player%} is not set:
    25.             send "&c[!] You dont have any request of tp :(."
    26.             stop
    28. command /tpdeny:
    29.     trigger:
    30.         if {tpa.pending.%player%} is set:
    31.             send "&c[!] You denied the tp."
    32.             wait 1 tick
    33.             delete {tpa.sending.%player%}
    34.             delete {tpa.sender.%sender%}
    35.             stop
    36.         if {tpa.pending.%player%} is not set:
    37.             send "&c[!] You dont have any request of tp :(."
    38.             stop

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