tim740's Code Snippets [Sk 2.1, skQuery]

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Addon Developer
Jan 24, 2017
Found one of my old skript folders full of old skripts (over 300) and I thought I'd share a few.

These will never be updated.

on right click:
   tool is bow
   loop 50 times:
       shoot arrow from player
       wait 2 ticks

command /AutoGrow :
       if arg is less than 50:
           loop blocks in radius arg around the player:
               loop-block is grass
               block above loop-block is air
               set {_agrn} to a random integer between 1 and 12
               {_agrn} is not 7
               if {_agrn} is 1 or 2 or 3:
                   set block above loop-block to poppy
                   add 1 to {_agtd::1}
               else if {_agrn} is 4 or 5:
                   set block above loop-block to dandelion
                   add 1 to {_agtd::2}
               else if {_agrn} is 6:
                   set loop-block to soul sand
                   set block above loop-block to ripe nether wart
                   add 1 to {_agtd::3}
                   set block above loop-block to long grass
                   add 1 to {_agtd::0}
          send json "&7[&eAutoGrow&7]: &eDone! &7(&eStats Hover&7)" tooltip "&7[&eAutoGrow&7]: &eTotal%nl%&7Grass: &e%{_agtd::0}%%nl%&7Poppy: &e%{_agtd::1}%%nl%&7Dandelion: &e%{_agtd::2}%%nl%&7NetherWart: &e%{_agtd::3}%" to player
           send "&7[&eAutoGrow&7]: &cNumber is too high!"

on right click:
   if tool is a emerald named "Biome Remover":
       loop all blocks in radius 5:
           set {_t} to type of loop-block
           set loop-block to air
           drop {_t} at event-block

on right click:
   set clicked block to 20
   wait 10 ticks
   set clicked block to 95
   wait 10 ticks
  loop 15 times:
   set clicked block to "95:%loop-num%" parsed as item
     wait 10 ticks

command /walk:
       set player's walk speed to 0.1
       while player is online:
           player is sneaking:
               reset player's walk speed
           wait 1 tick

command /slap :
       push arg upwards with force 1
       push arg backwards with force 1
       message "&6You just been slapped!" to arg
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