Script Target Selectors [ALPHA!]

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Well-Known Member
Jan 26, 2017
Don't use this api as a dependency! I need some feedback to resolve possible bugs to make this a stable api.

This api allows u to use vanilla minecraft command target selectors as expressions or arguments in skript.

A target selector is used to target players or entities in your game commands. There are 5 target selectors that you can choose from.

More info:

1.13 or up.
@a, @p, @e, @r, @s.
all selector tags like [distance], [name], [type].
player, command_block and console executers.

Bukkit 1.13+ (and ofc Spigot/Paper also work since they based on bukkit)
Skript 2.4
Skript-Mirror 2.0.0

@(a|e|p|r|s)[\[<(.+)>\]] from %command sender%
[@]%object% from %command sender%

#Looping a Basic selector

command /example1:
        loop @a from command sender:
            send "Hi!" to loop-selected

#Basic selector

command /example2:
        send "Hi!" to @a from command sender

#Basic selector2

command /example3:
        send "Hi!" to @p from command sender

#Basic argument selector

command /example4 <text>:
        send "Hi!" to @arg 1 from command sender

#Looping a Basic selector and getting its location

command /example5:
        loop @e from command sender:
            set {_s} to loop-selected #Need to set to a var first bc of a bug
            send "%{_s}% %location of {_s}%" to @a from command sender

#Advanced selector

on right click on netherrack:
    send "Hello everybody close by!" to @a[distance=0..10] from player

#More info about the bug:

Fixing expected bugs.

Suggestions? (No 1.12 or lower support expected.)
Hello, I'm making some skript on a server running 1.12.2. Could you please make this API or maybe Skript addon to be compatible to at least 1.12 or above? Thank you!