Tameable Ravagers

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Active Member
Feb 11, 2017
Suggested name:
"Tameable Ravagers" or "Rideable Ravager"

Minecraft version:
1.16.5 or later

What I want:
  • Ravagers can be milked by using a bucket on them.
  • Ravagers can be tamed by feeding it water bucket (Empties the bucket, Changes its skin to a saddled variant using Optifine and resource pack).
  • Once tamed, a ravager can be healed with wheat.
  • If two ravagers that are near each others are given carrots for each, adult cow renamed as "Baby Ravager" will be spawned at them. The parent ravagers will have a cooldown of 5 minutes before they can breed again. All babies obtained by breeding take 20 minutes to grow up into an adult ravager.
  • Equipment can be placed/taken into/from a ravager's virtual inventory by right clicking on it.
  • Tamed ravagers are controllable with a carrot on a stick (Takes durability from the carrot on a stick).
  • Ravagers can be ridden when tamed and saddled (Doesn't require a carrot on a stick).
  • A ravager dismounts player if it moves into water deeper than two blocks.
[doublepost=1617562114,1564075618][/doublepost]I'm still needing this.
Its hard to make so i think you should maybe update it with something with less "hard" features
Some of them are easy like "milk ravager"
on right click on ravager:
if player's tool is iron bucket:
remove 1 iron bucket from player's inventory
make player ride event-entity