Summon exp bottles from sky on specified Coords

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Jan 6, 2024
Hello there!

I tried to create a Skript where Thrown Experience Bottles would summon out of nowhere and drop on certain coordinates.
Also if possible to make them drop if a player is in radius of 50 blocks.
I need this for my SkyPvP gamemode and i wanted to place this thing on 3 islands on the map.
Idk if you guys need the version of the server, but it's on 1.8.8.

Thanks for the help!
Ok I think this is what you wanted. It should even work with skript 2.0.

Here is the code
command /spawnxp:
    permission: op
        set {_loc} to location at 199, 101, 259 of world of player
        loop all players:
            if the distance between the loop-player and {_loc} is smaller than 51:
                set {_spawn} to true
        if {_spawn} is true:
            drop experience at {_loc} without velocity

It spawns a experiance orb at the {_loc} location that you can just set in line 4
Just copy the stuff out of a command and into your skript