[Stalled] DiscordFun - Have fun with Discord's API

Script [Stalled] DiscordFun - Have fun with Discord's API 1.0

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New Member
Apr 26, 2017
Simuciokas submitted a new resource:

DiscordFun - Have fun with Discord's API - Discord Fun using Vixio


Game change
picks a random element from a file named "tags.txt" which you should create (will add creation and default values in later versions)


- Game change:
- Word after word
- Symbol by Symbol
- Customizable wait times
- Debugs to help with problems

(to add)
- Profile Picture change:
- Every set amount of times to change a picture (>10min)

(more soon)...

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It’d be amazing if you kade this a stand-alone application for normal users! :emoji_grinning:

What exactly do you mean by that?

If you wish to use this on your own account, you can do it. This script will literally become a self bot in the next update.
If you don't know how to get your token follow these simple steps:

>Open Discord
>Application tab
>Storage>Local Storage>https://discordapp.com

Make sure you remove the "s from the token and just put it simply in the script's options at token:

token: TH15154V3RYL0NGT0K3N-S01NS3RT1T4LL