SlimeFun hook

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Jun 26, 2017
I think itd be neat to see a slimefun hook in, as it would allow for some fun ranking systems.

for example some fun things you could do would include

on research:
- will activate when a player researches any object
on research %research object%:
- will activate when a player researches a specific object

%player%'s has research %research object% - return true or false
- will determine if a player has researched said object

give %research object/research group% to %player%
- will give a research object for a specific player, or will give all the research objects in a group
unlock %research group% for %player%
- there is a function in SF where some research groups will be locked for a player until they research other areas, adding this may seem unlikely but if possible would be awesome!

%player%'s total research - returns number
- will return how many research objects the player has completed
%player%'s total [xp] spent - returns number
- will return the amount of XP the player has spent

research object: a individual research thing, like "enhanced crafting table"
research group: a group of researches such as "basic machines"

These are just very basic examples of what I would like to see, and I feel this would be super helpful to many servers using skript and slimefun!