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Active Member
Mar 11, 2024
Hi, Im trying to make SKyblock Islands in ONE world with worldborders and /visit and /coop

with skbee can someone help?
It should be possible in one world but you'll have to specify regions/chunks where islands can generate, possibly using a void world and then checking blocks in each direction in order to make sure the islands generate far enough apart.

As for the world borders, client-side worldborders should be possible iirc.
Well that's the basic logic, basically you make a big worldguard reason and write your skript in a way where you can split that up into like 50x50 squares, generate islands in the middle of those squares, and setup client-side worldborders.
Ok so basically setup a bunch of islands in worldguard regions. But how do I make client-side worldborders?
Use virtual worldborders/for player worldborders.
Im confused on this on the expression, i dont know how to incorporate it, could you code me an example for one island
there are examples on the docs

set world border of player to virtual world border
set border center of world border of player to location of player
set size of world border of player to 100
reset world border of player #will remove the player's virtual border
set {_w} to world border of player
reset {_w} #will reset default values of the border