skUnity, was the best community i've ever joined.

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Mar 29, 2018
Thanks, skUnity, thanks for all the community, I've never reached 50 downloads before, RealCore has reached 51 downloads, Even AdvantageManager just reached 20 downloads in 3 days, I don't know what to say.

In all my life, I wanted to work on premium plugins, but failed, free plugins, but failed again, Here's skript, the best thing to work on, for whoever hates skripters and say "And they call themselves Devs" Yes every skripter is a dev, why? Well, You need a full week working on a core plugin, when you can use skript to do anything, less size, less code, EASIER methods, If you don't believe every skripter is dev, Go check advanced player info, go check RealPractice, and check PotPVP Essentials, I dare you to make it in one week in 1 plugin, not skript.

Even in bukkit, or spigot, I posted my skripts everywhere but didn't reach 5 downloads, Thanks again from all my heart skUnity, and the community, 50 and the 20 downloads mean a lot to me <3
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