Solved skript-yaml memory storage vs skript variables

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May 11, 2017
When creating a stat system for users, I first used yaml with skutilities.
Then after a while, I noticed that skutilites read and wrote the whole file every time I changed a single value. So I switched to saving the player variables in skript and accessing skript variables instead of yaml - and only saving and loading from yaml when the player joins/exits for offline access purposes.

With that, I was planning to create an addon myself that loaded yaml files more effectively since skutilites utilized not the most effective methods.

But today I found skript-yaml, which apparently did what I was planning to do - but probably even better by loading the yaml values to the server's memory at one go, but also keeping them there.

Which led me to the question - I'm pretty sure that loading from memory is the fastest loading method, but is skript-yaml's methods faster than skript variables?
Because if that's the case I'm planning on refactoring my whole code to just get all variables from skript-yaml's loaded yaml values instead.
hey fly. skripts variables are faster, however skript yaml is a lot faster than skutilities yaml saving
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You're welcome! I recommend using reading and saving YAML only on rare events, for example when a player logs in/out, or when certain data must be reloaded. If you do that you should never encounter any lag issues - if done right of course
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