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Script Skript Reloading Shorthands 1.2

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Active Member
Jan 29, 2017
jaylawl submitted a new resource:

Efficient script reloading-shorthand - Provides commands that allow you reload the scripts you need in a quick fashion

- Skript-dev32 or later
- SkUtilities 0.9.0 or later
Tested on paper-1.12 & 1.11. Might work in prior versions.

Just drop this script anywhere in your scripts folder and reload it. Make sure SkUtilities is installed and working.

  • Command "/sra"
    This is nothing more but a shorthand for the "/skript reload all" command. Seems redundant, but trust me, it's a time saver.

  • Comamnd "/srs [<scripts>]"
    Allows you to...

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