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Addon skript-placeholders 1.6.0

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Mar 17, 2018
APickledWalrus submitted a new resource:

skript-placeholders - Use and register placeholders with PlaceholderAPI

This addon allows you to create your own PlaceholderAPI placeholders, which can be used in any plugin that supports it. You are also able to use PlaceholderAPI placeholders within your scripts.

It is a fork of Ersatz which has been updated to work with the newer versions of PlaceholderAPI.

Information, downloads, and documentation are available on GitHub:

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to...

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APickledWalrus updated skript-placeholders with a new update entry:

Register Placeholders with MVdWPlaceholderAPI

IMPORTANT: There were minor syntax changes in this update, so your code may have to be updated. Due to the new syntax, the documentation and examples have been moved over to wiki pages ( The latest syntax is available there.

This update allows you to register placeholders using MVdWPlaceholderAPI.
For this to work, you must have an MVdW plugin installed. This also goes for parsing placeholders from MVdWPlaceholderAPI....

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