Skript Parties (Party+) [1v1 Party Dueling] [GUI]

Script Skript Parties (Party+) [1v1 Party Dueling] [GUI] 4

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May 12, 2018
your basement
Efnilite submitted a new resource:

SkParty - An editable party skript with everything on it! (Original by pairson)

- SkParty
This is based on party plugins from very popular servers. It has a simple look, and if you want, you can edit it yourself. You can fully edit all the messages

View attachment 2125

Example image

- Features
- World (if the owner of the party enters another world, the people in that party get teleported to the owner)
- Chat (use /pchat for party chat)
- Help (use /p...

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Would be nice if you added bungeecord support (global chat, list, invite, accept, kick, disband, create...), not just teleporting.