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skript-mirror custom effects and expressions

Discussion in 'Skript' started by mel_instagibson, Dec 14, 2018.

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  1. mel_instagibson

    Feb 4, 2017
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    Does someone know how to fix this? i need a function that does a database lookup for a given player and returns a string but i cant use normal functions for it since they dont allow a delay.
    im trying with skript-mirror but there is no documentation or examples that go past 2-liners
    Code (Skript):
    2. expression last permissioncheck %offline player%:
    3.         get:
    4.                 return {permissioncheck}
    5.         set:
    6.                 set {permissioncheck} to change value
    7.         delete:
    8.                 delete {permissioncheck}
    10. effect permissioncheck %offline player%:
    11.         trigger:
    12.                 if expr-1.getLastPlayed() is 0:
    13.                         set permissioncheck expr-1 to "Unknown"
    14.                         stop
    15.                 else:
    16.                         delay the effect
    17.                         set {_api} to LuckPerms.getApi()
    18.                         set {_uuid} to {_p}.getUniqueId()
    19.                         {_api}.getUserManager().loadUser({_uuid})
    20.                         loop 10 times:
    21.                                 wait 1 tick
    22.                                 {_api}.getUserManager().isLoaded({_uuid}) is true
    23.                                 stop loop
    24.                         set permissioncheck expr-1 to "%{_u}.getPermissions()%"
    25.                         continue
    26.                         send "%permissioncheck%" to ops
    28. command /test <offline player>:
    29.         permission: *
    30.         trigger:
    31.                 permissioncheck arg-1
    32.                 last delay example
    33.                 send "%last permissioncheck arg-1%"
    I know this cant work, cant even explain where the effect would get the expr-1 from but thats the best i could stitch together with what i found :emoji_frowning:
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