Skript load script (.sk file) event?

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Jan 30, 2017
Is in skript any event that is called when .sk file is loaded? Like when "/skript load file" or "/skript reload file" is used or when skript on server enable is loading scripts?

Thanks for any help
I was meaning event in java (look at category), not in skript language :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
I want to create debug loader in my addon, like " started loading / is loaded!" and the same on .sk file unload if it is possible.
As you probably know, some scripts can load longer because of effects like play sound or play particles. My scripts are loading around 2 minutes 30 secs. This is the cause :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
Umm, you can maybe use the "ScriptEvent". In fact, skript only calls the "on load" event once the parser reaches that line. Meaning that everything else is already parsed & loaded. So if you want to do something right after the script is loaded you should just add an "on load" event at the end of your script.