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Discussion in 'Addon Releases' started by _tud, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. _tud


    Jan 4, 2022
    Likes Received:
    skript-bossbar is a boss bar Skript addon for a customizable and easy way to create and use Minecraft boss bars!

    If you have any questions, please ask me on discord @ _tud#0001

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    • Skript
    • Java 16 or higher
    Download Skript by clicking here

    Code (YAML):
    1. - EffBossbarAddFlag: add [flag] %barflag% to [flags of] [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    2. - EffBossbarAddPlayer: add %players% to [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    3. - EffBossBarDelete: (remove|delete) [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    4. - EffBossbarRemoveFlag: remove [flag] %barflag% from [flags of] [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    5. - EffBossBarRemovePlayer: remove %players% from [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    Code (YAML):
    1. - ExprBossbarColor: [the] colo[u]r of [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    2. - ExprBossbarCreate: [create] [a] new boss( |-|)bar
    3. - ExprBossbarPlayer: [all] [of] [the] players (of|in) [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    4. - ExprBossbarProgress: [the] progress of [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    5. - ExprBossbarStyle: [the] [boss( |-|)bar] style of [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    6. - ExprBossbarTitle: [the] (title|name) of [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    7. - ExprBossbarVisibility: [the] visib(le|ility) of [the] boss( |-|)bar %bossbar%
    Code (YAML):
    1. - CondBossbarHasFlag: [the] [boss( |-|)bar] %bossbar% (1¦has|2¦does(n't| not) have) [the] flag %barflag%
    2. - CondBossBarIsVisible: [the] [boss( |-|)bar] %bossbar% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) visible %barflag%

    Code (YAML):
    1. command /bossbar:
    2.    trigger:
    3.      set {bossbar} to new bossbar
    4.       set name of bossbar {bossbar} to "&a&lBoss bar titles support Minecraft color coding!"
    5.       set color of bossbar {bossbar} to red
    6.       add all players to bossbar {bossbar}
    Code (YAML):
    1. command /bossbar:
    2.    trigger:
    3.       set {bossbar} to new bossbar
    4.       set style of bossbar {bossbar} to segmented 6
    5.       add player to bossbar {bossbar}



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