[SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners

Script [SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners 2.0

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be like eult
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May 28, 2022
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no I got scammed
U should sue
Yo another question lol the Spawner Block on the gui that shows what level the spawner is how can i change that so that it will show what type of spawner it is
I will update the skript soon and do all your suggestions
Thanks. Also make it uh somehow the items can be sold using vault thx.
I did small update I couldn't do the vault thing because it's going to break alot of things
kinda bad tbh u should def check out break_eternity, logarithmica_numerus or break_infinity instead (not sponsored)
eult updated [SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners with a new update entry:

Suggestions Update

There are a lot of suggestions I receive for this resource, but it is difficult to include them all I focus on the most important ones and try to balance them equally. I try to prioritize features that are essential for users, but also consider features that would benefit in the long run.


  • Added a new option called spawner-speed, which allows the user to dictate how fast the spawners will spawn drops. please read the notes before changing this option....

Read the rest of this update entry...