SkRayFall - Votifier conflict

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello skript world, I own a server and As always after hitting 5-10 players I wanted to add /Vote feature to my server, So I installed "Votifier" [I tried with NuVotifier too] Tho I discovered that It goes in conflict with SkRayFall, and they bought don't work :I


Skript 2.1.2
SkRayFall 1.9.14
Votifier 1.9

I get this error In console, like if SkRayFall wsn't updated, but It is :I [This is what the console does when I reload]
[doublepost=1548954908,1548954610][/doublepost]Don't judge me, I don't Know why, tho I put Capital letters wherever I can
update you Skript version, 2.1.2 is really old
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I don't think Skript is the Problem
It never gave me errors and the Error says its SkRayFall
Good luck with the problem in that case
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No Need to be Rude, amma try to update skript, give me 5 mins
[doublepost=1549116279,1549113670][/doublepost]My server is 1.8 so for 1.8 only 2.1.2 version or older can work, I tried with dev36 but gives me errors. Changing minecraft version is not a possibility
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If it gives errors doesnt mean they can't be fixed? You can also try dev25, I've seen it working before on 1.8
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amma try
[doublepost=1549186396,1549116608][/doublepost]Nothing :I It still gives me "Internal errors"
Send the errors (from dev36)
ok 1 min
[doublepost=1549186615,1549186577][/doublepost]Amma open the serv...
[doublepost=1549186972][/doublepost], Whatever script I make in Skript when I /sk reload all it sends "Internal error..." and The script dsnt work
That link is for the Rester error
25 or 35?
[doublepost=1549187315,1549187199][/doublepost]35 sends same errors as dev36, I can't find dev25 in Skript downloads of SkUnity so I imagined you missedwritten
Ok, with dev25 Skript works tho SkRayFall and Votifier do not :I, back to the Initial problem
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