Solved SkQuery PlayerQuitEvent Error

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It's probably because you are using a skript version for 4 years ago, and a SkQuery version from 4 years ago.
I would recommend trying some more up to date stuff.

Bensku's fork of Skript works on 1.8.x up to version 2.2dev36 (Recommended but not supported)
Lime forked SkQuery and made it work on newer versions of Skript. Try version 3.6.1 from HERE
Can you show the code that could possibly be causing this?
If you are not sure which one it is, disabled your scripts one by one to figure out which one is causing the issue
You probably have another plugin/addon that is conflicting.
I have never once heard of someone having an issue like this with Skript and SkQuery.

Looking over the error again, it seems to be messing up with Perms.
And you said ALL of your scripts are disabled and this still happens?

Try disable all of your scripts, and restart your server.
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