Script SkNBTPreserver 1.6.1

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Jul 16, 2017
Palgia submitted a new resource:

SkNBTPreserver - Allows preserving the NBT of blocks and heads once placed

View attachment 8435

A very simple Skript that addresses a single issue: not being able to retrieve the same blocks that were placed!

Now placing a block or a head saves the original item for the drop when it is broken by a player or an explosion!
    Returns the original item from a block
    Example: drop...

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Palgia updated SkNBTPreserver with a new update entry:

Major improvements!

Major improvements!

Fixed a lot of bugs
* Added /sknbtpreventer command (alias: /sknbtp, /sknbt)
* Added /sknbtpreventer check to check all registered blocks
* Added /sknbtpreventer purge to check the database for removing useless data
* Added /sknbtpreventer search to show all blocks in the server. You can search by name (n:<name of block) or by player (p:<player>)
* Added /sknbtpreventer removeall <name> to remove all blocks by name
* Added some functions:

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