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Addon Skitch - The Twitch Addon 1.4.2

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Feb 21, 2018
Trason submitted a new resource:

Skitch - The Twitch Addon - Skript Addon to create a Twitch Bot or just a connection

Hello Skripters
Today Skitch version 1.0.0 brings out Twitch Support to Skript!

If you connect your chat with your livechat or create some funny twitch command or combine it with DiSky to create a Twitch Notification Discord Bot.
I did only test Skitch on Paper 1.19.2 and Skript 2.6.3.

Login Code Example:
on load:...

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I don't understand how i can make the same you did on your images about making a bot sending a embed to a specific channels when a twitch goes live with Skitch and Disky, can you send me the code or can you help me?
Trason updated Skitch - The Twitch Addon with a new update entry:

Some cleanups

[bd4da8e]( :zap: added async - Danny
[fb7c6eb]( :rocket: update version, api - Danny
[31edcbd]( :zap: added async - Danny
[c8a0415]( :recycle: changed some events -...

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