? SimpleBackpack ?an easy and comfortable way to store items

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New Member
Dec 30, 2019
Please do not report errors in the reviews, thanks!

You can donate to me in https://www.paypal.me/MattyHD0 :emoji_slight_smile:

- Skript

backpack-name: &8Your Backpack
other-backpack-name: &8%{_player}%'s Backpack #Don't use the same name you used in 'backpack-name' or there will be errors!
backpack-rows: 3

not-editable: &c[Non-editable inventory]
not-editable-message: &cThis inventory is not editable

prefix: &8[&6SimpleBackpack&8] &7

open-message: true
open-backpack-message: You just opened your backpack

close-message: true
close-backpack-message: You just closed your backpack

other-backpack-message: You are checking %{_player}%'s backpack

clean-message: You cleaned %{_player}%'s backpack

permission-message: &cYou don't have permission to do that!

version: v1.0.0
/backpack - simplebackpack.backpack

/simplebackpack help - simplebackpack.admin
/simplebackpack view <player> - simplebackpack.admin
/simplebackpack clear <player> - simplebackpack.admin
/simplebackpack reload - simplebackpack.admin

this script is fully configurable, you can edit all messages, backpack names and their size

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/simplebackpack view <player>
View attachment 4916
I know this hasn't been updated in 3 or so months but i want to upload this little change for you to have for 1.16 and is still vanilla no addons.

line 64 and line 71 i changed for you so that it works for 1.16 Happy late Christmas and thanks for making this skript @MattyHD0


  • SimpleBackpack.sk
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