Simple arena system

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Apr 3, 2017
Category: Arena

Suggested name:

What I want:
I want a Red VS Blue arena system, that people click on a sign with blue or red and that they join arena (using essentials warps is doing fine).
An extra feature i would prefer is that the arena needs everyone from both sides to be ready by doing the command /ready and that after that an countdown happens from 5 seconds or so.
Also if someone dies in the match, they will get teleported to spawn. If all people of a side are dead, then there should be a message saying: Team (red or blue) wins! and after a couple of seconds, everyone will be teleported out and people can join again.

Note: I will use this system for more than one arena, like one of them is named Factory, but another one is named Mine, so i would like it so that i can modify only the name of the arena in the code to let it work on another arena without the two arenas interacting eachother.

Ideas for commands:
/stop (Arena) --For admins only
/start (arena) --For admins only

Ideas for permissions:

When I'd like it by:
I dont really have a time limit, but i prefer as fast as possible :emoji_slight_smile:
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