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Sidebar will not show up.

Discussion in 'Skript' started by BaddCamden, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. BaddCamden

    BaddCamden Active Member

    Nov 18, 2019
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    I was trying to make a sidebar for a minigame that would display the players and time to wait, but while fixing something, the sidebar will no longer show up. Also, if there is any way to update the player count, that would be divine.

    on load:
    clear {zombiesurvival.players::*}
    clear {zombiesurvival.numplayers}
    loop all players:
    wipe loop-player's sidebar
    set {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} to 120

    function ClearVariable():
    clear {zombiesurvival.players::*}
    clear {zombiesurvival.numplayers}
    clear {zombiesurvival.teleportplayersloop}
    set {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} to 120

    every second:
    clear {zombiesurvival.players::*}
    clear {zombiesurvival.numplayers}
    loop all players in world "ZombieSurvival":
    add loop-player to {zombiesurvival.players::*}
    set {zombiesurvival.numplayers} to size of {zombiesurvival.players::*}
    set {_zombiesurvival.loopplayer} to loop-player
    set name of sidebar of {_zombiesurvival.loopplayer} to " &bZombie Survival "
    set score "&aPlayers: &d%{zombiesurvival.numplayers}%/6" in sidebar of {_zombiesurvival.loopplayer} to 2
    if {zombiesurvival.numplayers} is less than 2:
    set id based score "&1Waiting for more players..." in sidebar of {_zombiesurvival.loopplayer} to 1 with id "idB"
    remove score with id "idA"
    if {zombiesurvival.numplayers} is greater than 1:
    remove score with id "idA"
    remove score with id "idB"
    set id based score "&1%{zombiesurvival.timetillstart}% seconds to wait for more players." in sidebar of {_zombiesurvival.loopplayer} to 1 with id "idA"
    if {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} is greater than 0:
    set {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} to {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} - 1
    if {zombiesurvival.timetillstart} is less than 1:
    teleport loop-player to location at 181, 4, -133 in world "ZombieSurvivalA"
    set {zombiesurvival.teleportplayersloop} to {zombiesurvival.teleportplayersloop} + 1
    if {zombiesurvival.teleportplayersloop} is equal to {zombiesurvival.numplayers}:
    wait 1 second
    if loop-player isn't in world "ZombieSurvival":
    wipe loop-player's sidebar

    on player world change:
    if world is "ZombieSurvival":
    if {_zombiesurvival.numplayers} is greater than 6:
    execute player command "/mvtp %player% lobbyworld"

    Skript, skquery, skvault, skrayfall
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.