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Solved Shop/Bankrob

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Merthan, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Merthan

    Merthan Member

    Oct 17, 2020
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    Category: Robbery

    Suggested name: shoprob

    Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot: 1.12.2 Skript: 2.5

    What I want:

    If a player is in a specific region (inside a shop) a player should be able to execute a command like /startrob. After this, a countdown (In Action-Bar) of 5 Minutes should start. After this countdown, the player should get $300-$500 for completing the shop- or bankrob. But if a player leaves the region of the shop / bank while countdown is active, the countdown should stop and the rob should be cancelled. (Messages etc. could i add by myself)

    The command like /startrob should have a global cooldown of 30 minutes

    Ideas for commands: /startrob (Starts the Shop- or Bankrob); /resetrobtimer (Resets the cooldown (Admins only))

    Ideas for permissions: permission for resetting timer: "admin"

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible (1-2 weeks)

    Thank u guys <3
  2. Best Answer:
    Post #2 by TFS_Mads, Oct 21, 2020
  3. TFS_Mads

    TFS_Mads Active Member

    Oct 16, 2020
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    Here is a rob skript but you could check if player is in the area way easier with worldguard.

    Code (Text):
    1. options:
    2.     countdown: 1 #minutes
    3.     robtime: 10 #seconds
    6. function checkarea(p: player) :: boolean:
    7.     if x coord of {robarea::pos1} > x coord of {robarea::pos2}:      
    8.         if {_p}'s x coord is more than {robarea::pos1}'s x coord:
    9.             broadcast "fail3"
    10.             return false
    11.     else:
    12.         if {_p}'s x coord is less than {robarea::pos1}'s x coord:
    13.             broadcast "fail3"
    14.             return false
    16.     if x coord of {robarea::pos2} > x coord of {robarea::pos1}:      
    17.         if {_p}'s x coord is more than {robarea::pos2}'s x coord:
    18.             broadcast "fail3"
    19.             return false
    20.     else:
    21.         if {_p}'s x coord is less than {robarea::pos2}'s x coord:
    22.             broadcast "fail3"
    23.             return false
    25.     if z coord of {robarea::pos1} > z coord of {robarea::pos2}:      
    26.         if {_p}'s z coord is more than {robarea::pos1}'s z coord:
    27.             broadcast "fail3"
    28.             return false
    29.     else:
    30.         if {_p}'s z coord is less than {robarea::pos1}'s z coord:
    31.             broadcast "fail3"
    32.             return false
    34.     if z coord of {robarea::pos2} > z coord of {robarea::pos1}:      
    35.         if {_p}'s z coord is more than {robarea::pos2}'s z coord:
    36.             broadcast "fail3"
    37.             return false
    38.     else:
    39.         if {_p}'s z coord is less than {robarea::pos2}'s z coord:
    40.             broadcast "fail3"
    41.             return false
    42.     return true
    44. command /rob <text>:
    45.     usage: &7/rob <start/reset/pos1/pos2>
    46.     permission: rob
    47.     permission message: &cNo permission
    48.     trigger:
    49.         if arg-1 is set:
    50.             if arg-1 is "start":
    51.                 if {robbery::countdown} is not set:
    52.                     if checkarea(player) is true:
    53.                         if {robbery::timer} is not set:
    54.                             send "Robbery started"
    55.                             set {robbery::timer} to 0
    56.                             set {robbery::player} to player
    57.                             stop
    58.                         else:
    59.                             send "robbery inprogress"
    60.                     else:
    61.                         send "area"
    62.                 else:
    63.                     send "cooldown"
    64.             else if player has permission "rob.admin":
    65.                 if arg-1 is "reset":
    66.                     delete {robbery::countdown}
    67.                     send "reset"
    68.                 else if arg-1 is "pos1":
    69.                     set {robarea::pos1} to player's target block
    70.                     send "pos1 set to %player's target block's location%"
    71.                 else if arg-1 is "pos2":
    72.                     set {robarea::pos2} to player's target block
    73.                     send "pos2 set to %player's target block's location%"              
    74.             else if player does not have permission "rob.admin":
    75.                 send "&cNo permission"
    76.         else:
    77.             send "&7/rob <start/reset/pos1/pos2>"
    80. every 1 second:
    81.     if {robbery::timer} is set:
    82.         if checkarea({robbery::player}) is true:
    83.             add 1 to {robbery::timer}
    84.             if {robbery::timer} >= {@robtime}:
    85.                 send "Robbery succesfull" to {robbery::player}
    86.                 set {robbery::countdown} to 60 * {@countdown}
    87.                 delete {robbery::timer}
    88.             else:
    89.                 send action bar "%{@robtime} - {robbery::timer}%" to {robbery::player}
    90.         else:
    91.             delete {robbery::timer}
    92.             send "robbery failed" to {robbery::player}
    93.     if {robbery::countdown} is set:      
    94.         subtract 1 from {robbery::countdown}
    95.         if {robbery::countdown} <= 0:
    96.             delete {robbery::countdown}
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