Shoot Particles

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Nov 6, 2023
I want it so when you right-click a item named United Amulet and it will be a carrot on a stick, when you right-click it, it will shoot a player and blue and cyan particles will go from you to the target and it will disappear moments after. I also want it so when you Left-Click on the amulet it makes Blue and Cyan Particles on your head and it shoots a fire ball and the particles disappear. Theres another amulet named whiteout amulet and when you right-click it, it makes a white circle around you and anyone in the circle around 5 blocks including you gets healed and when you left-click it, the amulet makes a circle that damages anyone in a 10 block range unincluding you
Please tell me what addons I need.

You don't have to do this but i want it so when you shoot the fireball the fireball does more damage to the ground and players