Solved SharpnessSMP

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Nov 10, 2023
Its my first time asking for help on SkUnity but there we go.
Can anyone code me a custom skript. Here is the skript following. The SharpnessSMP is a SMP that when you kill someone while holding a sword you get + I sharpness(the enchant). The Max sharpness enchant you can get is Sharp 10. If you type /sharpness (number) you can turn the sharpness amount you typed into lives. When you join you will start of with 3 lives. The Max lives you can get is 10. Each live allows you to stay alive for one death. Once you reach 0 lives you are banned until someone unbans you using a revive beacon recipe that you can make. All sharpness books are banned and you can't get them. For example if a new player has a sharp 3 diamond sword and they kill someone they get sharpness 4. If anyone codes this for me I will happily promote any server they want on my youtube channel MintMusician30. Btw, go sub to me.
No, no we can't. Not after you insult Shanebee and are a dick to all of us on the discord and also bump your post twice on there.