Hiring Searching for a Java Developer

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Aug 9, 2017
  • Server/Person name: OrpetveitMC
  • Brief about you: hi I'm Tully (nothing much to say)
  • Perm or temp?: temporarily
  • Basic idea of request: I'm looking for someone who's experienced with Java and making Java plugins and can make me a working staff chat across all servers, A ban system and a mute system that will work across all servers, A command that can teleport staff to players across the network.
  • Budget/Offering: My budget is 50-60$, Please contact me and we'll decide a fair price together.
  • Wanted by/timeframe: I need it to be done quickly, but not a specific date.
  • Optional detailed description: Please contact me through Skype: (galthebunny), Discord (TullyMastully#8777), Twitter (@TullyMastully) or Email: ([email protected])
Hey, to save you some time/money, you could use VentureChat.
It is installed on bungee and your spigot servers.
You can create channels that are specific to each server, and you can also create channels that are across the entire network.
(on my server i have global chat on each server as well as a network chat that is across the network, plus a staff chat across the network)
As for the TP system, i guess you would still need that created!
This also includes mutes across the network.
I thought it did bans as well, but i looked into it and unfortunately it doesn't, I use LiteBans on my server (costs money, but its a great program that also includes a web interface for your website)

I hope any of this information helps you!