ScrollBoard (A mouse scrolling scoreboard)

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Addon Developer
Jan 24, 2017
location of "LimeGlass" parsed as player
Basically this is a snippet that creates a scoreboard that will allow users to scroll and display multiple infomation

Example video:

Addons needed:

- SkellettBae

Raw code:

function ScrollBoardDeleteBoard(p: player):
    loop 15 times:
        delete the id based score "%{_p}%Slot%loop-number%" in stylish scoreboard "Scroll-%{_p}%"
    delete stylish scoreboard "Scroll-%{_p}%"
    delete {ScrollBoard::temp::%{_p}%::data}
on quit:
on join:
    if stylish scoreboard "Scroll-%player%" exists:
    add "&a", "&b", "&c", "&d", "&e", "&1", "&2", "&3", "&4", "&5", "&6", "&7", "&8", "&9" and "&f" to {_d::*}
    create new stylish scoreboard named "Scroll-%player%"
    set title of stylish scoreboard "Scroll-%player%" to "&6&lScrollBoard"
    set stylish scoreboard of player to "Scroll-%player%"
    loop 15 times: #Size of the scroll board
        create a new id based score "%player%Slot%loop-number%" with text "%{_d::%loop-number%}%" slot loop-number for stylish scoreboard "Scroll-%player%"
    set {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data} to 0
    while player is online:
        wait a tick #Update time
        if {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data} < 0:
            if slot of id "%player%Slot1" < 1:
                set {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data} to 1
            else if slot of id "%player%Slot1" = 1:
                set {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data} to 0
        loop 15 times: #Size of the scroll board (Same as above)
            set {_size} to slot of id "%player%Slot%loop-number%"
            set the slot of id "%player%Slot%loop-number%" to {_size} + {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data}
        set {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data} to 0
on hotbar change:
    if new held slot > past held slot:
        if past held slot is 0:
            if new held slot is 8:
                subtract 2 from {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data}
        add 1 to {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data}
        if past held slot is 8:
            if new held slot is 0:
                add 2 to {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data}
        subtract 1 from {ScrollBoard::temp::%player%::data}