Script Deobfuscator (WildSkript + Obfuskator 2.0.5)

Script Tools Script Deobfuscator (WildSkript + Obfuskator 2.0.5) 2.1

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Jan 26, 2017
Duetro submitted a new resource:

Script Deobfuscator (WildSkript + Deobfuskator 1.1.5) - Deobfuscate scripts that have been obfuscated using WildSkript or Obfuskator.

It's really simple.
1. Choose the deobfuscation method.
2. Select a obfuscated script
3. Click the "Deobfuscate file"- button


I do not save scripts. They will be deleted immediately after processing.

PM me on Discord or SkUnity, if you want the source code. (PHP)

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