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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Revelationage, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Revelationage

    Revelationage Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2017
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    SafeTrade is a script that makes trading items between players easy and simple.

    - Safe and simple way for people to trade items
    - Configurable messages
    - Inventory checker for full inventory
    - Creative mode option
    - Configurable trade cool down and trade time out
    - Configurable distance and same world checker
    - Configurable countdown timer when trading for safety
    - Configurable sounds for specific functions
    - Configurable GUI items

    - /trade [<player>] - Request a trade / Accept a trade
    - /tradetoggle - Enable or disable trading
    - /treload - Reload the config of the script

    - trade.use (for /trade and /tradetoggle)
    - trade.reload (for /treload)

    Required Plugins
    Skript Bensku fork dev37c: https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases/tag/dev37c
    SkQuery fork: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/unofficial-skquery-fork-1-6-1-12.36631/
    Skellett: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-java-addon-skellett.34361/
    Skript-Yaml: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-yaml.49829/

    1. Drop all the plugins above into plugins folder and restart server.
    2. Download this resource (trade.sk) and put it in the plugins/Skript/scripts folder
    3. You can either restart the server again or do /sk reload trade
    4. Your done!

    Known Bugs
    1. Sometimes shift click does not work (only like 3% of the time) The next click should work fine though. This is not a game breaking bug so you should not worry about it (it is just sometimes a little annoying).

    Extra Information
    1. To put items up for trade, you have to shift click the items. There is a reason for this and I will not change it.
    2. Feel free to edit the script's source code to your liking but do not claim it as your own.
    3. I will most likely not add economy support to this. If you want to have eco with this trade, then either make a physical currency or use a plugin that allows you to convert virtual currency to physical currency.
    4. Here is my discord if you have any questions or need help: AsuDev#0714

    View attachment 2828

    Code (Skript):
    3. Messages:
    4.     Prefix: '&8&l[&e&lTRADING&8&l]'
    5.     TradeNoPermission: '{prefix} &cYou do not have permission to trade.'
    6.     TradeToggleDisabled: '{prefix} &cYou disabled trading...'
    7.     TradeToggleEnabled: '{prefix} &aYou enabled trading...'
    8.     TradeSelf: '{prefix} &cYeah, because I would definitely allow you to trade yourself.'
    9.     TradeCooldown: '{prefix} &cPlease wait a few seconds before using this command
    10.         again.'
    11.     PlayerHasTradingDisabled: '{prefix} &cThe player you specified has trading disabled...'
    12.     NoTradeInCreative: '{prefix} &cYou cannot trade in creative mode.'
    13.     NoTradeInCreative2: '{prefix} &cThe other player is in creative mode.'
    14.     NotSameWorld: '{prefix} &cYou must be in the same world as the specified player
    15.         to trade them.'
    16.     OutOfDistance: '{prefix} &cYou are too far away from the specified player to trade
    17.         them.'
    18.     RequestAlreadySent: '{prefix} &cYou already sent this player a trade request...'
    19.     ClickCorrection: '{prefix} &6Shift click items in your inventory to put up trade
    20.         offers.'
    21.     GuiName: '&a?You?              &c?Other?'
    22.     RequestSent: '{prefix} &7You sent a trade request to &6{target}&7...'
    23.     TradeCanceled: '&8&l[&4?&8&l] &cThe other player canceled the trade. &8&l[&4?&8&l]'
    24.     TradeCanceled2: '&8&l[&4?&8&l] &cYou canceled the trade. &8&l[&4?&8&l]'
    25.     TradeAccepted: '&8&l[&a?&8&l] &bTrade complete. &7Please report any scams! &8&l[&a?&8&l]'
    26.     TradeReloaded: '{prefix} &aThe trade config has been reloaded.'
    27.     RequestReceived: <command:/trade {player}><tooltip:{prefix}|nl|&7Click to accept
    28.         the trade.>{prefix} &6{player} &7sent you a trade request.
    30. # Does /trade have a cooldown? Put true or false
    31. # Cooldown duration in seconds
    32. TradeCooldown:
    33.     Enabled: true
    34.     Timer: 5
    36. # The timout duration of a trade offer
    37. # The countdown of trade ending
    38. # Cooldown duration in seconds
    39. # Do players have to be in same world to trade
    40. # Distance limit for trading (Set to Infinite for no limit)
    41. # Should players be able to trade in creative? true/false
    42. Trade:
    43.     TimeOut: 20
    44.     CountDown: 6
    45.     SameWorld: true
    46.     Distance: Infinite
    47.     TradeInCreative: true
    49. # Sound played when adding an item to a trade
    50. # Is this sound enabled? Put true/false
    51. # The name of the sound played
    52. # How loud the played sound is
    53. # The pitch of the sound played
    54. # Sounds found at: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    55. AddOffer:
    56.     PlaySound: true
    58.     Volume: 1
    59.     Pitch: 1
    61. # Sound played when the trade is successful
    62. # Is this sound enabled? Put true/false
    63. # The name of the sound played
    64. # How loud the played sound is
    65. # The pitch of the sound played
    66. # Sounds found at: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    67. TradeComplete:
    68.     PlaySound: true
    69.     SoundName: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    70.     Volume: 1
    71.     Pitch: 1
    73. # Sound played when the trade is successful
    74. # Is this sound enabled? Put true/false
    75. # The name of the sound played
    76. # How loud the played sound is
    77. # The pitch of the sound played
    78. # Sounds found at: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
    79. TradeCanceled:
    80.     PlaySound: true
    81.     SoundName: BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND
    82.     Volume: 1
    83.     Pitch: 0.1
    85. # The gui item for Not Ready (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    86. NotReady:
    87.     ItemID: '351:8'
    88.     Name: '&7Not Ready...'
    89.     Lore:
    90.     - Empty
    92. # The gui item for Ready (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    93. Ready:
    94.     ItemID: '351:10'
    95.     Name: '&a&lREADY'
    96.     Lore:
    97.     - Empty
    99. # The gui item for Accept Trade button (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    100. Accept:
    101.     ItemID: '160:13'
    102.     Name: '&a&lACCEPT TRADE'
    103.     Lore:
    104.     - '&7&oClick to accept trade.'
    106. # The gui item for Cancel Trade button (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    107. Cancel:
    108.     ItemID: '160:14'
    109.     Name: '&4&lCANCEL TRADE'
    110.     Lore:
    111.     - '&7&oClick to cancel trade.'
    113. # The gui item for Divider line (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    114. Divider:
    115.     ItemID: 101
    116.     Name: '&4'
    117.     Lore:
    118.     - Empty
    120. # The gui item for Stop Timer item (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    121. StopTimer:
    122.     ItemID: 166
    123.     Name: '&c&lSTOP TIMER'
    124.     Lore:
    125.     - '&7&oClick to stop the timer.'
    127. # The gui item for Blank Slot item (DO NOT SET TO AIR)
    128. BlankSlot:
    129.     ItemID: '160:8'
    130.     Name: '&4'
    131.     Lore:
    132.     - Empty