right click event within a gui

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code: https://hastebin.com/ebacoficew.sql

(in lore you can use '' || '' for other line like: with lore "&7Your Lore ||&aAnother line"
Example :emoji_slight_smile:
What I want: right click on an item WITHIN the GUI that triggers a command

Ideas for commands: None

Ideas for permissions: None

When I'd like it by: Any time

This example doesn't work: https://forums.skunity.com/threads/gui-right-click-event.3879/

Do not use SkQuery for GUIs. Use TuSKe for guis instead.

command /gui:
        create a gui with virtual chest with %number% rows named "%string%":
            make gui slot %string% with %itemstack%:
                set {_action} to "%gui-click-action%"
                {_action} is "left mouse button":
                    your code here
                {_action} is "right mouse button":
                    your code here
        open last gui to player