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Skript Restoring Inventories

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by JayJayJay175, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. JayJayJay175

    JayJayJay175 New Member

    Mar 10, 2017
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    For my sake, I'm making this. It took me forever to remember how to do this so next time I go to look I can look here :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    The player's inventory has 36 inventory slots, 1 offhand slot, and 4 armor slots. (As well as crafting slots and whatnot but we aren't going to touch that) The inventory slot's ids are 0-35, the armor slots are 36-39 and the offhand slot id is 40. So, with this information we can make a list variable and loop it to save and restore inventories. Just like so: https://hastebin.com/muzipemaso.vbs
  2. ShaneBee

    Moderator Resource Staff Supporter + Addon Developer

    Sep 7, 2017
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    I use this, since it's much faster seeing the slots in the inventory visually.

    You also have this
    (though the armor slots and stuff is different)
    #2 ShaneBee, Apr 11, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 15, 2017

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