Added Request: Put examples in spoilers

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Mar 26, 2017
This might be evident, but please put everything that is not 100% necessary into some sort of spoilers. When I use skunity I just want to see how a syntax looks like, which addon it requires and maybe read the short comment on the left side. The examples just use a lot of space that I have to scroll through and makes it difficult to, for example, compare similar syntaxes. I feel that with the addition of more examples, images, votes, "add example" buttons... everything will get super overloaded, so just put it in a spoiler please.

Oh, and if you are going to make spoilers, please make a little button where I can close all of them at once.

Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
I agree. There should be a button like "expand to see examples," which'll do exactly what it says: expand the documentation to include submitted examples for that specific syntax.