Request - Looking for a Completed Random Item Skript!

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Apr 17, 2024
Skript Name: Randomizer
Hello, I'm in search of someone who will create an organized skript that has some specifics needed.
The general idea is: Players can toggle on/off a command (/random) if they are in the specified world, to receive a random block/item from a selected list of items all with unique customizable raritie percentages, and stack size vanlue ranges.

List of features wanted:
- A command to easily whitelist blocks/items that players can receive.

- Have these items be show up in a list somewhere back in the skript configs or wherever needed, along with a default rarity value that I can easily edit. (even better would to be able to edit this value in game whilst whitelisting it! But not needed) I won't have more than 100 items so I wont be going over 100% total or lower than 1% on any rarity values, if that matters, I'm not sure. But yea.
- I would also like the whitelisted items to have a randomized stack size given using 2 values of my choosing too.. randomize and choose from. the default if with the abiltiy to easily change it either using the in game whitelist command, or manually in configs.
- I'd like to be able to tell it which Multiverse worlds this will be enabled in, with a permission message sent if player is in the incorrect world. (Unless I can somehow hide commands per world in Luckperms?) I can reasearch that myself if so.
- Be able to customize in the skript how long the duration is for every new item/s being sent.. obviously.. I know.

- Command Preferences:
--/randomize (to toggle on or off the skript per player (only enable this if in the correct multiverse world)
permissions: none
--/randomwhitelist <minecraft:item/block name> <rarity value in percentage> <stack size (2 value ranges)> stack size example: <1, 1> to ensure that its always 1 item. or example: <1, 5., means i get anywhere from 1-5 of that item, at every interval, if that item was chosen.
permissions: random.whitelist

This would be a great addition to my server I've been working on, and having something like this would not only be a quick fun addon but a good skript to learn from in the future. I am open to talk on discord and spend a little cash for this! Any better places to be posting stuff like this? let me know, thanks.
The skript I sent: Don't reference any of that, it was just some testing that may give someone a little more insight here.

Im on no strict time schedule but Ill say 2 weeks.
I think I can do this fairly easily, but are you sure you want to whitelist every item manually? I'd rather start with every item enabled and then make a toggle command.

As for percentage and stack size, just from my mental scripting right now, it would be a complete and utter NIGHTMARE to make different stack sizes and percentages for every item. I'd probably end up storing them in an items.yml and just try to figure something out--if you really need that feature. If you don't really really need that feature, I can make this within the next like day or 2.
I have a custom map in mind with many ways of receiving other items, It would be a huge blacklist for me also because i dont want a lot of the colored blocks etc, candles, carpets, and what not. And the stack size thing is not a huge deal though. I cant just raise the chance of getting certain things I suppose. Would the setting of percentages per whitelisted item would be okay too though? And excuse late replies from now on, I'm heading to work. Didnt expect a quick reply! New here
I think I'm done with it. Rather than a command I made a config file where you can adjust the delay and the whitelisted items. As for percentages and stuff, I'll get back to you on that later. (Note that I can add a command later I'm just crunched for time right now). Add the script AND the ItemConfig.yml to the "scripts" folder.

You can expand the ItemConfig.yml list to be as long as you need, just make sure you format it properly. If you're not sure the proper format, you can add a line into the skript in the on load event that does
broadcast all items
Which gives you a list of every item, in the script format.

Just make sure the list matches what you already see with the hyphens and everything. Change delay to be as long as you want. If this doesn't work, please let me know, as I haven't had the chance to test.

Edit: Files removed because updated version
This all sounds amazing! I’ll be sure to let you know!! Just give me about 8 hours and I’ll be home. Thank you so much
Alright sounds good!
Alright I am back. I tested and it says it loaded successfully. But I'm not recieving anything. So a few things would need to change if I were to use this. Can I not have individual min/max stack sizes for every single item? If thats too difficult, what about having multiple item.yml files for different groups of items. If a player gets stone, id like the stack size to be anywhere from 1 to 32 stone. But for say, diamonds, no more than 1 to 5 diamonds. Second thing would be, commands, I'd would like to at *least* have the toggle command. So players can enable/disable. When its a players very first time joining, I would prefer it turned off by default. Then keep it to whatever they had when they last logged in for future joinings. And lastly, the percentages are a must. Things like diamonds need to be rarer, I've gone through tests with this using a blacklist and certain things are just given far too commonly. Again I understand if this is all just too much for you! Let me know, but I am offering to pay a little for this! But if you were just waiting to see if this works before doing more that makes sense too lol
Hey man, did you get it working?
Im just so new to skripting, and server making in general so mind me over simplifying anything. But jsyk, I also need it to specify which multiverse world the skript will work in. I suppose I can add it myself, just scared it won't work lol. I have a working "blacklist" random item skript with parts I think I can copy over
I was happy with this skript, I probably should of sent the whole thing this morning. Just pretend that everything said blacklist, I tried changing it all to whitelist but that broke the whole skript lol. But if you get this working with a whitelist thatd be great! And ofc the rarity/stack values


  • Example.txt
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Can you broadcast the random element you selected? And check the YAML values and everything? I didn't have the chance to debug.
Can you broadcast the random element you selected? And check the YAML values and everything? I didn't have the chance to debug.
Gonna be honest, I don't know what this means: "Can you broadcast the random element you selected?" I'm not sure of any commands for me to test anything with? I reloaded the skript it says it loaded fine. No items are coming to my inventory though? And no worries we all have busy schedules :emoji_slight_smile:
Yes, I am able to see the min/max values of the small list of materials in the config.