Replacing one syntax from SkUtillities

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Active Member
Feb 25, 2017
Hello, so we will go to point i need to replace var = var parsed as Date, any solution which i can replace it?
i got one syntax what was used by SkUtillities and i wanna replace him with working one for 1.12.2+
set {_time} to {_data::%loop-index%::4} parsed as date
I just wanna replace it with some working one because SkUtillities stopped working on 1.12, then someone fixed it but on 1.12.2 it doesn't work anymore. so if there is any solution how to replace it
you want replace it with what?
[doublepost=1530026677,1530026641][/doublepost]you can try parse as timespan
With any syntax what can parse variable {something} to date like %now%
[doublepost=1530026726,1530026692][/doublepost]Ok i'll try
[doublepost=1530027596][/doublepost]It works. but there is problem with it. i am using %now% and when i wanna do differences between them i got <none>
set a variable to now then wait then set another variable to now then do:
set {var3} to difference between {var1} and {var2}
also, not really sure what you mean by SkUtilities not working on 1.12.2.... i use it on 1.12.2 and it works fine

Which version of SkUtilites are you using?
Which author/version of Skript are you using?
Which software are you using for your server? Spigot/Bukkit/Paper/other?
Not open for further replies.