Refresh GUI while player is in GUI

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Jan 6, 2018

i want to refresh my GUI while player is in the GUI.

set slot 15 of player's current inventory to 1 bottle o' enchanting named "&aAktive Sellbuffs" with lore "&8||&eGlobaler Sellbuff||&8➥ &a+%{Sellbuff}% &8(&apermanent&8) ||||&ePrestige Sellbuff||&8➥ &a+X &8(&apermanent&8)"

There is a variable which is sometimes changing so i must refresh the gui, if the player is in the gui and the variable is changing. Please help
There may be a better way, and I'm just getting back into skript mind you, but I did this with a function once before. you set your gui up to run in a function, then make your gui command call the function. then within the gui whenever you need it refreshed, call the function. Here this is a short form of what I've been messing with:
function listFilter(p: player, page: number):  
    create gui with virtual chest with 6 rows named "test":
        make gui slot 1 with diamond named "refresh":
            listFilter({_p}, 0)
    open last gui to {_p}  

command /itemfilter:
    aliases: /if
        listFilter(player, 0)

would be more to the code of course but you can resend the function from within the gui through clicking the item

edit: also mind that if you do a function you can not use expressions like "player" because the function cant recognize it. that's why you see it as {_p}. The information for who {_p} is was sent when you ran the command and it called the function - "p: player"
There's a tutorial for them in general here
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