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Redstone Utilities

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Proxy, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Proxy

    Proxy New Member

    Aug 25, 2019
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    Redstone Utilities

    Allows shift+placing supported blocks to be reversed. This is a very useful tweak and allows building in very small areas.

    Enables shift+placing end portal frames which will auto-fill the eye, useful for comparator logic.

    Allows easy viewing of signal strength from redstone wires.
    Hold redstone and right click the redstone wire to get the signal strength to your action bar.

    Redstone utilties adds 2 commands which are very useful for computational redstone (see below).

    • Adds 3 commands.
    • Adds 5 reverse compatible blocks.
    • Adds 1 self-filling end portal frame.
    • Adds signal strength to action bar.
    • Adds 4 blocks where you can easily set the signal strength from.
    Skript 2.3.7 or above
    Skript-mirror addon 0.19.1 or above

    Supported blocks:
    • Repeater - Reverse compatible.
    • Piston - Reverse compatible.
    • Sticky Piston - Reverse compatible.
    • Observer - Reverse compatible.
    • Comparator - Reverse compatible.
    • End portal frame - self-filling compatible.
    • Redstone wire - Get signal strength to action bar.
    • Furnace - Set furnace signal strength.
    • Composter - Set composter signal strength.
    • Cake - Set cake signal strength.
    • Cauldron - Set cauldron signal strength.
    Supported commands:
    • /dec2bin - Converts decimal to binary numbers.
    • /bin2dec - Converts binary to decimal number.
    • /furnace - Gives you a furnace corresponding to signal strength.
    • Add functionality for reversing redstone torches.
    • Add functionality for reversing trip-wire hooks.
    • Fix bugs that I have discovered
    • Add installation instructions.
    • Add installation .bat / .sh script
    Thanks for downloading, reviews would be much appreciated!

    Ignore parser results, should work fine on latest skript version.

    For suggestions or issues just leave them in the the discussion thread or DM me on discord! Proxy#4154
    #1 Proxy, Aug 25, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019

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