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random # gen

Discussion in 'Skript' started by dankmemes, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. dankmemes

    dankmemes Member

    Jan 27, 2019
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    Code (Text):
    1. on rightclick on white wool:
    2.     if distance between player and event-block is more than 3:
    3.         stop
    4.     else:
    5.         set targeted block to air
    6.         chance of 7%:
    7.             add 5 iron ingot named "&6&lMetal Frags" to inventory of player
    8.         chance of 22%:
    9.             add 8 diamond named "Shot Gun Shell" to inventory of player
    10.         chance of 23%:
    11.             add 7 oak wood planks to inventory of player
    12.         chance of 7%:
    13.             add 1 wooden shovel named "&6&lDirtiest Shovel" to inventory of player
    14.         chance of 13%:
    15.             add 1 Stone sword named "&6&lMachete" to inventory of player
    16.         chance of 21%:
    17.             add 6 gold ingot named "&6&lSulfur" to inventory of player
    18.         chance of 13%:
    19.             add 6 cobblestone to inventory of player
    20.         chance of 7%:
    21.             add 5 gunpowder named "&6&lGun Powder" to inventory of player
    22.         chance of 13%:
    23.             add 16 wheat named "&6&lCloth" to inventory of player
    24.         chance of 10%:
    25.             add 7 seeds named "&6&lLow Grade" to inventory of player
    26.         chance of 8%:
    27.             add 25 coal named "&6&lCharcoal" to inventory of player
    28.         chance of 5%:
    29.             add 5 gray dye named "&6&lSMG Body" to inventory of player
    30.         chance of 8%:
    31.             add 4 pink dye named "&6&lSemi Automatic Body" to inventory of player
    32.         chance of 10%:
    33.             add 3 Magenta dye named "&6&lRifle Body" to inventory of player
    34.         chance of 24%:
    35.             add 3 nether quartz named "&6&lHigh quality metal" to inventory of player
    36.         chance of 20%:
    37.             add 8 sugar named "&6&l5.56 Rounds" to inventory of player
    38.         chance of 1%:
    39.             add 1 golden apple named "&6&lHydra" to inventory of player
    40.         wait 3 second
    41.         set block at event-location to white wool
    i want to put
    a random # for chance and add to players inventory
  2. Itqly_

    Itqly_ Member

    Sep 20, 2018
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    delete {shish}
    set {shish} to random integer between 1 and 100
    if {shish} is 1 or 2 or 3:
    @send "3%"
    @send "97%"
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