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Problems with set name of last spawned entity

Discussion in 'Skript' started by BoQsc, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. BoQsc

    BoQsc Member

    Jun 30, 2019
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    I'm using Spigot version 1.14.2
    Latest version of Skript from https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases

    Nothing else.

    And it seems I have a problem with set name of last spawned entity statement.

    Every time entity is spawn, the name of the custom entity's name cannot be seen until I come closer to the entity and point the mouse cursor right into their head.

    What causes this to happen? Is it how naming work in Minecraft? (The names cannot be seen of custom entities, until you point your cursor right to their head?)

    What I want to happen:

    Spawn an Entity and see Entity's name all the time without disappearance, no matter where my cursor is pointing to.

    Code (Text):
    1. on spawn:
    2.     set name of last spawned entity to "&5Logger"
    4. command /testmob:
    5.     trigger:
    6.         spawn 1 villager at player's location
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 7, 2019, Original Post Date: Jul 7, 2019 ---
    This is the correct solution. Sourced from https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/issues/2236
    Code (Text):
    2. on spawn:
    3.     set display name of event-entity to "&5Logger"
    6. command /testmob:
    7.    trigger:
    8.        spawn 1 villager at player's location
  2. inxane

    inxane Member

    Jul 23, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Yes, that is how names work in Minecraft. To view the name of an entity, it must be in your attack range and you must aim at them. I think there is an NBT tag to make the name visible at all times, and it is
    Code (Text):
    1. CustomNameVisible: 1
    . To add such NBT tags, look into NBT editing in Skript. A google search will help you out.
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