please help

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Mar 22, 2024
on earth :o
can i please have someone make a skript to have the player do a function from a list of 14 functions, function 1 is function 1 etc, unless another player done it before already if so reroll until the player can do a command nobody has done before. this should keep track of the commands used over multiple uses. this should work for non oped players and it should be a single command. sorry if this is so specific
You can use GUIs if that's what you're looking for. (Also, I'm sorry that nobody responded to you, since this was a bit of a long time ago.)

command /vanillaGUI:
    description: The best way of doing something.
        set metadata tag "vanillaGUI" of player to chest inventory with 3 rows# named "&7Hello There"
        set slot 0 of metadata tag "vanillaGUI" of player to stone named "&6General Kenobi"
        set slot 1 of metadata tag "vanillaGUI" of player to player's skull named "&6%player%" with lore "&7Right click me to receive my head!"
        open (metadata tag "vanillaGUI" of player) to player

on inventory click:
    if event-inventory = (metadata tag "vanillaGUI" of player):
        #check if the clicked inventory is the one we just created
        cancel event
        #cancel the clicking. This makes the Item unstealable
        if index of event-slot is 0:
            #check if the clicked slot is the stone, so 0
            give event-slot to player
            #give the clicked item to the player.
        else if index of event-slot is 1:
            #check if the clicked slot is the skull, so 1
            if event-click type is right mouse button:
                #check if the player right clicks the item
                set {_playerHead} to uncolored name of event-slot parsed as player
                give event-slot to player
                send "&6Player %player% has received a skull of you!" to {_playerHead}
                #since we can't use arguments, we just parse the name of the event-slot and get the skull by doing that.
                #you can use the variable as you like. I simply sent a plain text to the player.
                #ban {_playerHead} would also work
                #using NBT will work as well!

You may edit this code any way you want. (Credit: Runakai)