please help me

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Apr 2, 2019
I am running a server recently and want to have a water effect about 10 meters ahead when I right-click on the stick. Can anyone write a sample?
By the way, I want you to be able to do it even for people who don't have an OP, and a PL called skrayfall is included.
on right click holding stick:
    loop 5 times:
        play water splash 10 metres in front of player's head
I copied and executed your code. However, I could not execute it because I got an error like the picture.


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What Skript version do you use?
Use dev-36, your Skript version is more than 5 years old
I tried that version but got an error

[23:41:59 INFO]: [Skript] Enabling Skript v2.2-dev36
[23:42:00 INFO]: [Skript] Your configuration has been updated to the latest version. A backup of your old config file has been created as
[23:42:00 WARN]: [Skript] Using this version of Skript on 1.8 is highly discouraged.
[23:42:00 WARN]: [Skript] Some features have been disabled; use older Skript to restore them.
[23:42:00 WARN]: [Skript] Also, there are probably bugs. And since 1.8 is not supported, they will not be fixed
[23:42:00 ERROR]: [Skript] It seems that this server platform (CraftBukkit) does not work with Skript.
[23:42:00 ERROR]: [Skript] To prevent potentially unsafe behaviour, Skript has been disabled.
[23:42:00 ERROR]: [Skript] You may re-enable it by adding a configuration option 'allow unsafe platforms: true'
[23:42:00 ERROR]: [Skript] Note that it is unlikely that Skript works correctly even if you do so.
[23:42:00 ERROR]: [Skript] A better idea would be to install Paper or Spigot in place of your current server.
It tells you that you're using CraftBukkit instead of Spigot / Paper (which I recommend). It also says you can set the 'allow unsafe platforms' option in the file to true, but that probably won't work. I recommend you update to Spigot or Paper (the latest 1.8 version from the fork you choose), but you might want to try the config option first.
Thank you for teaching me a lot. I searched for 'allow unsafe platforms' in config, but now I can not find it, so I will change it to spigot.
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