Official Opinion Poll: Move docs to or keep under

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Should the docs be moved to or stay at

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I'm Poppy
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Nov 27, 2016
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Hi everyone,

With Docs 2, I am looking at moving the docs away from being directly on and putting them under a subdomain and accessing the docs via This would mean the docs and forums both have their own sub-domain. would then become a portal page to get to the docs and forums.

The main reason for this is organisation of the domain and so that the docs keep in-line with future projects that will be under their own subdomain.

I have created a poll, please vote accordingly and give your views below.


The poll closes in 7 days
I think they should move unless a landing page like the one seen in this professional mock up
Move it!, When will it be implemented?
Not exactly sure - I'm very busy with work for the next few days so don't have enough time during the day to commit to being able to move things over. I'd probably put the new docs on, keeping the old ones on and then having the new docs in a beta stage of bug fixes and tools/features that aren't complete, being hidden and then released later on.
Moving it to will confuse the hell out of some new users as it did before, it's better to have it all on one unless you can make it unbelievably obvious for some people to where it is.