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Offering [OPEN] Skript and Plugin development

Discussion in 'Offering' started by BorokBence, May 6, 2022.

  1. BorokBence

    BorokBence Member

    May 6, 2022
    Likes Received:
    Who are we?

    We are a Development Team with Java developers and Javaskript Developers, so we can make both Skripts, and Plugins for you and your Minecraft Server.
    4 professional developers who are going to do what you ask for the most accurately, and the most perfectly.

    Why us?

    > Everyone has years of experience,
    > We have cheap prices (even free work)
    > We can deliver as fast as you request
    > And of course, we accept revisions even after the order is completed.

    *We have a pricetable on our Discord server, link is at the bottom*

    (1-5 lines: Free)

    - Budget: Simple command(s) with permission, cooldown, aliases, etc. = $2 - $5

    - Normal: More complicated skript, eg.: World generation, simple minigame, item giving on event, effects, mini GUIs etc. = $6 - $11

    - Premium: A complete minigame, crafting recipes, GUI etc. = $12 - $19

    - Expert: Advanced systems, events, actions = $20+


    Budget: 10 commands limit with permissions or without, 10 cooldowns, 10 aliases, etc.
    ( 3€, 3.16$, £2.53)

    Normal: Join/death event, perks, commands, particles, titlebars, chat messages, simple guis, etc.
    (7€, 7.38$, £5.90)

    Advanced: Full minigame, crafting recepies, config file, support chat, troubleshooting)
    (20€, 21.09$, £16.88)

    Delivery time

    Basic projects around 1-3 days
    Normal/Medium projects around 2-5 days
    Large projects around 5-9 days


    PayPal is preferred but bank transfer is also accepted.


    We have a Discord server where you can order, join and use the ticket system:

    Or dm me: bananplaysshu#9216

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